Towel Shelves

Towel Shelves

The size of your bathroom does not matter. Whether it is big or small,  you are yearning for a more storage space. Somewhere where you will keep all your essentials such as towels. While some items can be easily be stored anywhere, others need to be kept at a proper place where they will be protected from the splashes of water. One of these items is the towel. Where do you keep your towel while in the bathroom? Have you ever considered exploring the storage options that can be derived from the wall? This is where a towel shelf comes in. It offers an ideal storage option for your towel.

Why install towel shelves?

Given that there are different storage options for a bathroom, why should I choose a towel shelf? These types of shelves help you to handle the storage issue more conveniently. You will be able to keep your towel at a point where you can easily access it. Apart from the convenience, towel shelf offers some level of safety to your towel and other bathroom clothing. When in the bathroom, water can spill anywhere. Right? The last thing that you will want is to use a wet towel. You can install a towel shelf at a point where I won’t be affected by water.

Bathroom towel shelves offer unlimited storage option

What is the storage capacity of a towel shelf? Well, you don’t have to worry about this issue. This is because the shelves come in different designs. There are wall-mounted shelves that exist as single units. Such bathroom shelving units can be installed over the toilet. It is also possible to install more than one such towel shelf in your bathroom. Other towel shelves have legs that extend on both sides of the bathroom. They usually have several compartments hence offering more storage space. So which bathroom towel shelf do you prefer? It all depends on your personal taste and preference.

Towel shelves also elevate the aesthetic value of a bathroom.

When we talk about aesthetics, our main focus is on the looks. It improves the interior decor of the bathroom. How is this possible?Well, bathroom shelves come in different designs and finishing. They can be plated with gold and even chrome to give them the beauty that they deserve. You can have a custom finishing in case you want the shelf to match with other bathroom accessories.

The towel shelves material

Which is the best material for my bathroom towel shelf? Bathroom shelves are made of different materials. The most dominant ones are the copper towel shelf and 304 stainless steel towel shelf. These materials are preferred because of their strength and durability. It is also easy to add custom finishing on this towel shelf materials for the purpose of improving their aesthetics.

The cost of towel shelves

What is the price of a towel shelf? The cost of a bathroom towel shelves vary depending on the design, and material used. The finishing will also determine the final price of the shelf.

To find out more about the cost and other features, contact us for a full quotation. We are a towel shelf manufacturer and supplier in China. We specialize in manufacturing and selling a wide range of towel shelves.

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