Robe Hooks

Robe Hooks

A robe hook is one of the bathroom hardware that you should consider installing in your bathroom. Also known as a towel hook, it provides an ideal platform where you will be keeping your towel or robe when taking a shower. Planning to buy robe hooks? Don’t be in a rush. There are many things that you need to know about this bathroom hardware. Little pieces of information can help you to buy the best bathrobe hooks. Something that will not only look fulfill its purpose but also is appealing to your eyes.

Why buy the best bathroom robe hooks?

You may not be fully convinced why you should buy decorative bathroom towel hooks. After all, it is just a small bathroom accessory that nobody will care about. This is not true. Robe hooks are of great value to your bathroom. Especially if you decide to explore different towel hooks ideas.

High-end towel hooks

Should I invest in high-end decorative towel hooks? You should do so without any hesitation. High-end robe hooks are strong enough to support any weight that is placed on them. They are made of quality materials which don’t rust easily. Some of the materials for high-end robe hooks include: Stainless steel/Copper/Brass And even wood. So, which robe hook material do you prefer? It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Towel hooks ideas

A bath robe hook is designed to perform more than its primary function. It can also serve as a visual accessory in the bathroom. This is where you will need to consider the decorative aspect of the robe hook. Is it visually appealing? When it comes to the visuals, there are different decorative towel hooks options that you can go for. Some of the towel hooks ideas that you should consider buying  include:

-Gold-plated towel hook

-Polished chrome towel hook

-Rustic towel hook

-Modern robe hooks

There are many other bathroom robe ideas that you can explore. You can go an extra mile by buying unique robe hooks.

Where should I install a robe hook?

After buying a robe hook, the next things is to install it. Obviously, you would want to mount it in the right position in the bathroom. It is advisable to mount robe hooks 70 inches above the floor. What if I have more than one robe hooks? Let them be separated by a distance of 9 inches. You can also explore different towel hook ideas for small bathrooms. Otherwise, robe hooks are ideal in for small bathrooms which cannot support towel bars.

Robe hooks price

What is the cost of robe hooks? The prices of this bathroom hardware vary depending on the specification of a particular hook. Hooks that are made of premium materials definitely attract high price tags. The price also depends on the bathrobe manufacturer and suppliers.

Are you looking for high-quality robe hooks? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are a respected robe hooks manufacturer in China. We specialize in supplying different towel hooks to our clients.

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